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Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

LLaser processing of pipes and profiles

Sawing, drilling, milling and deburring of metals

From sawing, drilling, and milling to deburring pipes and profiles as well as preparation for welding – with our flexible, high-performance TRUMPF laser pipe cutting machine we do everything in just one step.

This highly productive process can be used with a wide variety of profile materials and even pipes with diameters up to 250 mm and wall thicknesses up to 8 mm. Costly post-processing is nearly eliminated due to the high cutting and dimensional precision achieved when pipes, profiles, and cut edges are laser processed. Individual components for tubular frame constructions for small to large-scale series can be fabricated more effectively than with conventional processes. You save time and costs while maintaining consistently high quality.

Your benefits

  • Combining several work steps (sawing, drilling, milling, and deburring) results in highly productive tube and profile processing
  • High-precision cutting and an exact fit
  • No costly post-processing
  • Cuts that are free of burrs
  • Flow drilling replaces both thread cutting and elaborate constructions with rivet nuts, weld nuts, and insert nuts; high-precision, chipless production that uses less material and considerably fewer process steps than drilling
Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Production capacities

Starting parts

Round, rectangular, oval cross-section pipes; standard profiles
(contingent upon L-, U-, and C-profiles); special profiles such as angle or edging profiles by request

Sheet thicknesses:

up to 8 mm (steel)
up to 6 mm (high-grade steel)
up to 5 mm (aluminium)

Flow drilling:

from 0.5 mm (aluminium, steel)

Technical specifications

Circumscribed circle diameter:
max. 250 mm

Raw material length:
max. 6,500 mm

Length of finished parts:
max. 3,000 mm

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

We’re here for you

If you need pipe-cutting for your tubular assemblies (including positioning elements for easy installation) and expect the most effective processing – we have the solution for you!

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles
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