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Mechanical joining by bonding

Joining assemblies

Multi-material bonding methods

Joining with adhesives is an innovative method that continues to gain significance. It is currently the only process which can join nearly any material with another – including, among others, metal with plastic and aluminum with steel. Adhesives also allow mixed compounds to be used in combination with other joining techniques in hybrid processes. Adhesive bonding is particularly suitable for joining very thin-walled and very large components. We use the process for machine enclosures and housings, for example.

Your benefits

  • Smooth surfaces
  • A wide variety of materials can be joined
  • Particularly suitable for very thin-walled and very large components
  • Suitable for use with powder coating and the related high burn-in temperatures
  • Uniform stress distribution in the adhesive gap
  • No heat-related distortion of the joined parts
  • Geometry of the joined parts is not weakened due to drill holes and edges > Weight savings > Key role in the lightweight construction
  • Additional uses (sealing, corrosion protection, insulation, applications with vibration)
Mechanical joining by bonding

In contrast to thermal joining methods such as welding or soldering and so on, the adhesive bonding process does not transfer heat into the component. The material is not weakened by the holes drilled in it during mechanical bonding methods such as bolting or riveting. Depending on the type of adhesive bonding system, it may also be suitable for use with powder coatings. Critical factors for trouble-free adhesion include the design of the assembly, the thorough preparation and pre-treatment of the surface, and the selection of a suitable adhesive. In close cooperation with scientific institutions we have carried out adhesive trials and optimized systems. We can also determine the characteristics of your adhesive bond in this way. You can rely on our trained specialists. Just ask!

Production capacities

Adhesive bonding works with many kinds of materials.

Materials used primarily include steel sheets, stainless steels, aluminum, and various polymer materials such as acrylic glass, among others.

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Mechanical joining by bonding
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