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Welding of assemblies | Käppler & Pausch

Welding of assemblies

Welded assemblies made of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

We manufacture high-quality welded assemblies made of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, customized to meet your requirements. We weld components made of steel and stainless steel using MAG, WIG, and the fully automated CMT process. For aluminum we use MIG, TIG, and CMT welding. The 3D laser welding center is used for components that are suitable for laser welding. The process is fully automated, with a particularly low thermal input and low distortion. Trained operators and certified welders guarantee the quality of the welding products.

Because upstream technologies for producing welded assemblies, including laser cutting and bending, can be performed in-house, your assemblies come from a single source with a high level of vertical integration and you benefit from short throughput times.

Welding of assemblies | Käppler & Pausch

Robot-guided CMT and TIG welding technology

In addition to the welding processes mentioned above, we use robot-guided CMT and TIG welding technology (CMT welding with additional material, TIG welding without additional material).

The robot system is designed for demanding tasks and maximum repeatability. It is equipped with optical weld seam detection (tracking camera), which recognizes both the position of the joint to be welded before the welding procedure and the course of the joint during the process.

Not only can the system weld components in a fully automated, high-quality process, but it can also be used for the thermal joining of different metals, such as aluminum and galvanized steel. We can also use welding robots to weld both thin aluminum sheets (from 0.5 mm) and components up to 7 m long.

The result: high-quality welded components, material transitions that are nearly spatter-free, and smooth, even parts due to low heat input – a weld seam very similar to a laser seam!