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Parts fabrication for welded assemblies | Käppler & Pausch

Parts fabrication for welded assemblies

Precise fitting of laser parts and prefabrication

During prefabrication metal components are manufactured for a precise fit with state-of-the-art CNC production technology and prepared for later assembly. We use laser cutting, waterjet cutting, laser processing for pipes, welding, edging and bending, or a combination of various work sequences on advanced TRUMPF machine tools to meet your customer-specific requirements for a widely variety of industries and applications.

In our manual production area, we use techniques such as press mounting, drilling, thread cutting, and deburring to process your parts according to the respective order specifications. Continuous, system-supported quality control ensures that high quality standards, both yours and ours, are met.

Essential capabilities

  • 4 laser systems, 2 combined stamping-laser machines
  • 3D laser cutting and welding center
  • 8 CNC edge presses, a swivel bending machine, a rolling machine
  • Manipulator (lifting technology for large and heavy components up to 200 kg)
  • 3 waterjet cutting systems with swivel head technology among other features
  • Pipe laser center
Parts fabrication for welded assemblies | Käppler & Pausch